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Darboe Calls On NHRC to Join them End “Horrible” State Of Affairs 

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UDP Leader ANM Ousainu Darboe and members of his executive during a press conference at the party’s Manjai Bureau on Saturday.

By Ratatoulie Jawo 

The Secretary-General and Party Leader of the United Democrats Party (UDP), Lawyer Ousainu Darboe, has called on the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to join them to bring an end to a “horrible” state of affairs. 

“I am calling on the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of the Gambia to join with the United Democratic Party and bring an end to this horrible state of affairs. I am appealing to all NGOs that are concerned about human rights activities, to team up with us. Because this is not about Sabally this is a case about the Fundamental Laws of the country. Sabally just happened to be the person in the center of it but it could have been anyone of us. So I am appealing to all to join us because if the decadence we are gradually sliding into is not abated, this country will be sorry for itself.” he said. 

Mr. Darboe added that it will be disastrous to deny people their constitutional rights in this country. 

“There cannot be a greater disaster than denying people their human rights which are guaranteed by the Constitution. In this season one should behave in a way that should promote peace,” Darboe said. 

The UDP Leader further stated that the greatest threat to peace and stability is injustice. He added that injustice always provides a recipe for instability. 

“And this country of ours where it states in our National Anthem that ‘let justice guide our actions.’ It must be shown, this cannot be incantation in our National Anthem. We must also live by it, and practice it. In that way, we are assured that we are building a just society. A society that will be free from violence,” He said. 

The veteran politician said the peace and stability of the country is the responsibility of every citizen and that the greater responsibility is on the government. 

Mr. Darboe said if the government starts to misuse its powers and laws to suppress people of their fundamental freedoms, this could lead to something consequential for the country, with outcomes nobody wants to see for the nation

Darboe made these remarks at a press conference organized by his Party on the arrest of Momodou Sabally, the Campaign Manager of the UDP.

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