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GFF Says Baluwo’s Partnership Would Reduce Financial Burden On Them 

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GFF President Lamin Kaba Bajo Speaking at the unveiling of the Baluwo partnership flanked by General Secretary Lamin Jassey and Lamin Jaiteh from Baluwo.

By Landing Ceesay 

The President of the Gambia Football Federation (GFF), Lamin Kaba Bajo, said their partnership with Baluwo would reduce the financial burden on the Federation. 

“This Baluwo partnership money also to a greater extent would go back to the clubs. The funding of the leagues is a heavy burden on the Federation. It is not easy to run the leagues first, and Second division leagues and then both male and female. The amount of money we receive from this partnership, would to a large extent reduce the financial burden on the Federation. At least the funding that we would make out from the savings we have would be used for other avenues for development,” Mr. Bajo said. 

President Bajo said he is convinced that the partnership will alleviate the heavy burden of the National teams since the federation spends two to three hundred thousand dalasis weekly on league expenses such as referees’ remunerations, match commissioners, match coordinators, and other sundry expenses.

“This is a historic moment in our quest to develop football in the country. This is historic in the sense that it is the first of its kind that the Gambia Football Federation’s (GFF) current leadership after 8 years in office can secure a partnership to support our league. We all know the importance of partnership in sports, especially in Football. Unfortunately in this country, it is still a problem not only in football but all sports,” he said. 

The GFF President said they appreciate Baluwo for having the trust in them and for a start to come up with a “handsome” partnership package for them and that the package is not small money. 

Mr. Bajo said the greater part of the fund from their partnership with Baluwo would go back to the clubs to support them financially and by way of increasing the league prize money.

“We all know the importance of partnership in sports, especially in Football. Unfortunately in this country, it is still a problem not only in football but all sports. There may be factors related to it. But as we strive and work hard we will be able to break the barriers. 

“When Baluwo came on our way, we did not waste any time to grab it because it is an opportunity we cannot afford to miss. For a start, the amount involved as far as we are concerned is not small. In addition to the account, is a gesture and the possibility of this partnership to open more chances for us,” Mr. Bajo stated. 

Baluwo Officials presenting the cheque to President Bajo.

President Bajo said with more sponsorship and partnerships, they are even aiming for more than 5 million dalasis as prize money if it comes their way.

Bajo said since 2014 GFF have been incrementally increasing the support they render to the clubs in their preparations and transport. 

The GFF President said since 2014 or even beyond, the national leagues, both the first, second, and third division leagues, by extension male and female are sponsored by the Federation. 

“In addition to the across the board support in terms of transport refund. We also introduce another scheme of support to clubs that are traveling from Kombo to Jarra Soma where Second Division Matches are played. And also at Live Your Dreams Mini Stadium in Basori. Because of the extra cost that affects clubs. 

“In the same way that is coming to Jarra Soma in the Lower River Region, we have a club in the CRR that also travels down to Kombo to play league matches. Tariffs also have been prepared and am happy to report that also during the last AGM a week ago, that has been increased to at least alleviate or reduce the financial burden on the clubs,” he said. 

Baluwo and the Gambia Football Federation (GFF) have signed a sponsorship deal worth $25,000 which is equivalent to D1,549,025. 

Each of the 16 First Division teams would receive D50,000 from the sponsorship deal and the balance of the money would be used to increase the league prize money to D1,000,000. 

Baluwo prides itself on being a different startup that offers migrants an alternative to sending money to their families. Among the services they offer are an easy, fast, and safe way to buy online mobile top-ups, prepaid electricity, food, and construction materials for families, and friends.

The signing ceremony took place on Friday, at a local Hotel. 

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