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“We Have Been Pushed Back” – Gambian Artiste Accuses Gov’t Of Delaying Multi-million Dollar Project

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Gambian artiste

By Buba Gagigo

Gambian artiste, Egalitarian, has accused the Gambia government of delaying the implementation of his multimillion Dollar agricultural Project, which he said, could employ up to 900 youth in The Gambia.

Announcing his return to music with an EP and other projects, the artiste took the opportunity to call on the Gambian Government to look into the ‘multi-million dollar project’ that his team presented to them.

“Let them come and let’s discuss because this is a great opportunity for Gambian youth. This agricultural project has the capacity to employ up to 90,000 youth in the Gambia, could impact the country, (and) could impact the us, because we all know either one of us, has lost a brother or a friend who’s trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea, or because of lack of opportunity. And here we are underground. We’ve come with ideas. We’ve got a project that has financing, and still the government is reluctant in looking into those projects,” the artists said.

He said the reason he was quiet for seven years is that he was fighting to make sure the said project is implemented.

“So the reason the Egalitarian has been silenced for seven years is because I’ve devoted my time and energy in fighting to make sure this project is implemented the way the Gambian Youth will benefit from it. But for the past seven years, we have been pushed back, we have been neglected, the project has been back-pedalling, and we felt it is unfair. 

“Because most of those dignitaries or those executives, people in the government, whenever they’re employed, the first thing they think of is to take their partners, or their family out of the country. And for us, when we got the invitation Okay from the Gambia government. We had to move back with our family into the Gambia. The reason is because we love the country what we love is our country zone, the world is Gambian that can make this country a better country,” he concluded.

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