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Ebrima Dibba Reveals What Police Asked Him On Thursday

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Ebrima Dibba 
United Democratic Party Deputy Organising Secretary

By Buba Gagigo

The United Democratic Party (UDP) Deputy Organising Secretary, Ebrima Dibba revealed that the police on Thursday questioned him regarding the audio he released concerning a girl who insulted his party leader Ousainu Darboe.

“Alhamdullah they released me… They asked why did I release an audio to talk about the girl who insulted Hon. Lawyer Ousainu Darbo. They said I was referring to the President (Barrow) in my statement. But I want to ask what I said about the President and what the girl said about Darboe, which one is more dangerous? In my audio, I said ‘no one’s mother has a better marriage than others, but what about the girl who insulted Darboe?” he asked.

The UDP man called a general application of the law, and discouraged selective application.

“If they say I insulted the President I will accept, but what about the girl? Didn’t she violate any law? No one can silence anyone in this country. I for one, there’s no man yet born who can tie my tongue. We have fought for that and it has passed,” he continued.

Mr Dibba said the second thing the police asked him about was the reason he mentioned Mandinkas and Nianikas in his audio, which he said would continue doing.

“They also asked me why did I say Mandinkas and Nianikas. I will repeat that. Why didn’t you (police) condemn or arrest Dembo Byforce during the campaign? What he said is worst than what I said. Fatou Sumareh also insulted Ousainu Darbo, Alkali Conteh went to the police station and asked them to release her. If you (police) don’t put a stop to this, you will create a big problem in this country,” he warned.

Dibba said the last thing that the police asked him was why he said ‘the first IGP (Job) is dead and the second one (Sanyang) will also die’.

“They also asked me why did I say the first IGP is dead and the current one will also die. This is not a threat, and I do not mean to threaten anybody. That’s not my intention because I am a peaceful man. (But) I will continue to see to it that insulting Lawyer Ousainu Darbo will stop in this country. President Barrow should have been the first person to arrest the girl because whatever he (Barrow) is enjoying today is because of Darboe. If you (police) think you have intimidated me an inch, you are mistaken . I would have loved it, if you bury me 6ft deep,” he concluded.

Upon his arrival at police headquarters on Thursday following police invitation for questioning, Ebrima Dibba spent more than eight hours at the police, before been released and asked to report today (Friday) at 10am.

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