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Ex intelligence chief Badgie appears before Janneh Commission

Yankuba Badgie, the first accuse, was the director general of the NIA at the time of Sandeng's death in their custody.
Yankuba Badgie, the first accuse, was the director general of the NIA at the time of Sandeng’s death in their custody.

Yankuba Badgie, the director of the National Intelligence Agency, has appeared before the commission probing former ruler to give evidence as investigations into Yahya Jammeh’s financial dealings wraps up.

The former spy chief was questioned in connection with several issues, including donations from Gamtel to NIA, that he said was done at free will by the institution.

Badjie demanded the presence of his lawyer before giving testimony at the Commission, arguing that he would not give evidence without consulting his lawyer.

After he was taken to the office of the investigators, Badgie came ready to give his testimonies.

He confirmed that he was served with the asset declaration form but was asked to fill the form and submit it to the prison authorities who will forward it to the commission.

Badgie, who is considered a close associate of the former ruler, said he only share a working relationship with Jammeh.

Badgie is currently standing trial for the killings of an opposition activist Solo Sandeng together with 7 other top members of the NIA.

“I know APAM but I have nothing to do with the company. I would not know whether former president had any connection with Gamico or APAM and I had no transaction with Tony Ghattas [former MD, APAM]” Badgie said.

Badgie is among the associates of Jammeh who were subjected to a travel ban by the US Government in 2017.









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