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“ If I win , I will change the constitution to one term “

Bankole Yao Jojo
Presidential Aspirant


By Buba Gagigo

The independent presidential aspirant, Bankole Yao Jojo said he will change the mandate of the President in the 1997 Constitution to one term, when voted into office on 4th December presidential polls.

He argued that even two-term limits is too long for a president in African politics.

“For me; two terms is too long for African politics. If you leave them for two terms, they will try to stay for longer. So why not we make it one term? I think if you are there for more than two terms, you are not working for the country but yourself. So If I win, I will change the constitution to one term presidency and I will put it as an entranch clause so that that it cannot be removed easily,” he promised.

He made these remarks at a press conference earlier on Friday at a local hotel in Senegambia.

Mr Banky is aspiring to be an independent candidate in this year’s presidential election. He is an employee of The Medical Research Council in The Gambia. And he’s fondly referred to as Banky.

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