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Germany: Gambian migrant faced with deportation threatens to kills himself


German authorities have deported at least 15 Gambians since the start of 2019 but the Gambian authorities have claimed they did not sign any deportation agreement with the Western European country.  

*Gibril, 22, has been visited by German police in a city call Carlsruha in a region of Baden-Württemberg on February 13 but he refused to go.

A Gambian activist living in Baden-Württemberg, Yahya Sonko, said Gibril has exhaust all his chances to live in Germany and police have gone after him at his house for several times but could not see him.

On this day, they went after him at his friend’s house.

A native of Kombo Lamin, Gibril rushed into the bathroom and took a razorblade threatening to kill himself if the police broke the door.

The police entered and Gibril started cutting himself with the blade causing wounds all over his body.

Gibril was taken to the hospital where he has spent two days. From there, according to Sonko, he was taken to Pforzheim Detention Centre in Baden-Württemberg region.

Sonko said he has visited the place on Tuesday and met Gibril. He has found six Gambians at the detention centre who have exhausted their chances to stay in Germany.

“All the Gambians at that place (Pforzheim Detention Centre) are supposed to be deported. They were carrying documents from Gambia identifying them,” Sonko claims.

Meanwhile, Sonko said the German authorities have already booked a plane to return an unspecified number of Gambians on February 25. Kerr Fatou cannot independently verify this information.

It is unclear whether Gibril and his colleague at Pforzheim Detention Centre are going to be among that batch of returnees.

“We are expecting 15 people as usual,” said Sonko.

Sonko said Gibril has been visited by Amnesty International. There are about 5000 Gambians in the region of Baden-Württemberg, half of which are irregular migrants, authorities said.

The region hired an airline call Germania to deport several nationalities since January. Germania was the flight that brought the 15 Gambians that were returned late January 2019.

However, in early February the airline has announced it was going out of business as they declared bankruptcy. It is unclear which other airline may have been contracted to replace Germania.

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