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Sanna allegedly supervises Nov. 11 massacre—Commission witness


According to Commission’s nineteenth witness RSM Babucarr Jeng, Lamin Fatty currently second in command at Yundum Barracks, and Alagie Kanyi, now an immigration officer, were involved in the November 11 killings of close to 2 dozen soldiers. Jeng also mentioned that one Batch Samba Jallow, a bodyguard of Sanna Sabally, was also present at the killings.

RSM Jeng was tortured and subjected to mock execution at Mile 2. He said a soldier missed him by a bullet in what was an “accidental discharge” while he was being tortured by Yankuba Touray, Edward Singhateh, Peter Singhateh, Sadibu Hydara and their bodyguards.

Lieutenant Sanna Sabally has supervised the summary execution of the close to 2 dozen Gambian soldiers on November 11, 1994, a witness told the Truth Commission on Wednesday.

RSM Babucarr Jeng said he was reliably informed by one Sgt Nyang Kabareh, a detainee at Mile 2 at the time that the soldiers were executed at Fajara Barracks, Yundum Barracks and the Brikama Lance Corporal Bojang Firing Range.

Until the fall of Gambia’s dictatorship, information on November 11 was very sketchy. The announcement of the junta at the time was that Lieutenant Basiru Barrow and his colleagues were involved in a counter-coup.

However, truth is now coming to light that November 11 was purging by the leadership of the soldiers. Several witnesses before the Commission have said the killings targeted people believed to be in disagreement with the Junta for reportedly straying from their agreement for the coup.

“Lieutenant Basiru Barrow was shot in the head by Edward Singhateh at Fajara Barracks at 2 a.m… Dot Faal was shot multiple times by Edward Singhateh, Peter Singhateh, Alhagie Kanyi and Lamin Fatty,” said Jeng.

He mentioned Edward and his brother Peter’s involvement in all the executions.

He said all the executions were supervised by Sanna Sabally, the vice chair of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council.

The soldiers broke into tears as he narrated how he was told by Kabareh how the soldiers were killed. Kabareh narrated the story after Jeng asked for the whereabouts of one Gibril Saye who was also reportedly killed on November 11.

At the time, both him and Kabareh were detained at Mile where Jeng was tortured and subjected to mock execution.

Jeng was tortured with Ebrima Chongan and Mamat Cham, all of whom have testified before the Commission.

Jeng said on a night before November 11, they have experienced increased activity at Mile, with vehicles drifting in and out frequently.

He said then a day later, the Red Cross visited Mile 2 and informed them of a mutiny in the army.

Meanwhile, Jeng broke into tears as he explained how his daughter struggled to see him but to no avail. He said the daughter’s request to see him was placed to the Council but Yankuba Touray advised against it.

The daughter later died while he was being detained. “This had a great impact on my family,” said Jeng, crying.


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