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Alagie Martin supervised Sanna, Sadibu’s torture— Another witness says


Serving soldier Pa Modou Sarr confessed to torturing his boss Lt Colonel Babucarr Sanyang and also witnessing the torture of Sadibu Hydara and Sanna Sabally.

Pa Modou Sarr

A witness before the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission on Wednesday has verified allegations made by Sanna Sabally that their torture at Mile 2 was ordered and supervised by General Alagie Martin, then a Warrant Officer Class 2.

Pa Modou Sarr claimed he witnessed the torture of Sanna Sabally and Sadibu Hydara but only participated in torturing Lt Colonel Babucarr Sanyang.

After the incident of November 11, 1994, disagreements started among the group of soldiers who took over power from Dawda Kairaba Jawara.

According to Sanna, Vice Chairman of the Junta at the time, him and Sadibu Hydara wanted them to honour their promise of returning to the barracks after the transition.

Thus, the Junta split and Sabally and Sadibu were accused of plotting a coup against Chairman Yahya Jammeh. They were arrested and taken to Mile 2 with a number of other people suspected of being on their side. Prominent among was Lt Colonel Babucarr Sanyang.

On Wednesday, before the Truth Commission, a serving soldier Pa Modou Sarr has confessed to witnessing the torture of Sabally and Hydara and also participating in the torture of Lt Colonel Babucarr Sanyang.

During his testimony, Sabally painted a very grim picture when describing how they were tortured.

Sanna equally said their torture was supervised by Alagie Martin, a claim corroborated by Babucarr Sanyang who was also tortured and now Sarr, a participant in the torture.

However, Sarr said he only witnessed a day’s torture at Mile 2 and he only mentioned the use of a plastic back brought by Alagie Martin in the process.

Sarr said they put a plastic over their heads and hold it, thus suffocating them.

“You hold it so that there will be no ventilation… It caused pain and suffocation. I knew the order I was given was illegal,” confessed Sarr.

According to Sanna, it was that torture that killed Sadibu.

“Martin was ordering us to put a nylon bag over Sanna’s head… The purpose was for him to say he was planning to overthrow the Chairman (Yahya Jammeh),” said Sarr who joined army in 1992.

Sarr said the officers at the Mile 2 prison were in no position to stop the torture. He said Alagie Martin and Malafi Chorr were at the time very close to Jammeh and wield so much power.

This is just one of many testimonies that ties General Martin to several tortures that occurred under the former autocratic ruler.

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