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‘They should look at the timing’ MC Cham Jr Calls On UDP Youth Wing To Call off Protest

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MC Cham Jr. GDC Campaign Manager

By Buba Gagigo

MC Cham Jr, the Campaign Manager of the Gambia Democratic Congress has called on the National Youth Wing of the United Democratic Party (UDP) to call off their proposed Friday Peaceful Procession saying the timing is wrong.

“I am always in support of protest because it is part of democracy. It makes leaders know their mistakes, but I have a different opening with regard to this protest, I think right now the only way we can fight corruption is in the upcoming election, to mobilize everyone to vote against NPP candidates. They should look at the timing of the protest. This corruption is everywhere in this government, the recent one was the D10million (at the ministry of health). 

“We don’t know how the money was spent, but we the Gambians will now take the responsibility to back the money. We are at a point where the country is hungry, Gambians are frustrated, and everything is expensive. The organisers can say something and that can create another thing in the country or blame it on a party. What the UDP Youth Wing should do is to call off their protest,” MC Cham Jr said.

Mr. Cham also urged the United Democratic Party Youth Wing to engage their National Assembly Members to push the Anti-Corruption bill instead.

“Let them discuss with their National Assembly Members to fight for the Anti-Corruption bill. Let them (the UDP MPs) insist that if the Anti-Corruption bill is not passed, they will not vote for any other bill brought before them. And the other thing is, if they protest next Friday, the NPP Youth Wing will also come to counterprotest against their mayors and chairmen even though they will not have evidence like the Audit report indicated against the government. Where is the 3 years Jotna Petition? Where is the APRC petition? The only way is to vote against them,” he concluded.

The Gambia Police Force (GPF) recently granted the Youth Wing of the United Democratic Party (UDP) a permit to hold a peaceful procession against corruption on March 10th, 2023.

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