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Mayor Bensouda Says He and His Family Don’t Need Government Money

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Ahmed Talib Bensouda, Mayor of KMC

By Buba Gagigo

Talib Ahmed Bensouda, the Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) says he and his family don’t need the government’s money, and that he has a company that gainfully employs a significant number of people before assuming his present role.

“I have my company where I employ more than thirty people. The Managers I am paying are earning (Salaries) more than the KMC mayor.  I am not someone who brags on Radios,” he said.

The Kanifing Municipal Council Mayor says his family was independent before he joined politics, and they didn’t need the government’s money.

“My family was strong before I joined politics, and we are not looking for anything apart from development. That’s why people like me whose families are comfortable are always afraid of going into politics. These are the kind of things we are avoiding. People fight you for no reason. We have a lot of Family businesses, we have a lot of compounds, we have ability, we are an independent family since Jammeh’s regime. We don’t need anything from the government and my family does not need anything from the government, and I don’t need anything from the government,” Talib said.

Talib Ahmed Bensouda said the people that are making these allegations know they cannot beat him in KMC that is why they resort to throwing the kitchen sink at him.

“They know that they cannot remove me If it is election alone. If it’s only straight election, they cannot remove me because I worked and sacrificed for KM. Every day, I arrived at my office at 7am, and I am there until 4pm. I sacrificed a lot to bring development to KMC. I got patience because I promised the people of KMC, and I want to fulfil the promise. 

“They know they cannot win through the front door, now they want to use the back door. They are telling people I am a tribalist, and that is the last thing anyone can tell me. They said I am corrupt. When I came to council, I already had my own money,” the KMC mayor said.

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