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“The Paranoid President” Former GDC Spokesperson Fires Back At Barrow 

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Hon. Omar Ceesay, former NAM, Niamina East

By Landing Ceesay 

The former Spokesperson of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), Mr. Omar Ceesay, has issued a rebuttal to President Adama Barrow, calling him “The Paranoid President” for castigating the GDC Leader, Hon. Mama Kandeh, in statements the president made over the weekend.

In a speech to supporters in Jimara Constituency in the Upper River Region (URR), Gambian President Adama Barrow accused GDC Leader Mama Kandeh of trying to destroy his government. Barrow’s accusations have been met with anger from GDC supporters and critics of the government. Former GDC Spokesperson Omar Ceesay is one of the respondents. In his response to President Barrow, Hon. Ceesay questions the Gambian Leader’s continued attack on his opponents, especially the GDC and the United Democratic Party (UDP). 

“The Paranoid President, Why must the president always feel suspicious, obsessive, and finger-pointing at people with excellent personalities, and morality who are concerned with the well-being of Gambians for wanting to destroy his paralyzed government?

“On second thought, the leadership has been baselessly accusing his political opponents, especially the UDP and GDC, of wanting to destabilize and destroy his government or to unlawfully unseat him. Such allegations have never been proven,” Hon. Ceesay stated. 

Hon. Ceesay said that as a logical point, One’s criticism of President Barrow’s style of leadership and manner of functionalism doesn’t reflect that one is aiming to destroy or unlawfully unseat his government, as he alleged. 

The former National Assembly Member for Niamina East further urged President Barrow to preferably update citizens on issues of national importance and related matters than attempting to respond to every element of criticism as if his government is innocent in totality.

“Unfortunately, the president is the political leader on top and absolutely doing nothing impressive in the eyes of the masses, which is the concern of every patriotic Gambian. In a nutshell, one would not be wrong to state that the president is not capable to function in the capacity of the presidency,” Hon. Ceesay stated.

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