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The D11M donation to Pilgrims ‘wrongly reported’—Gov’t spokesperson


The spokesperson of the Gambia Government has claimed that the report by the state broadcaster on the over D11 donations made by President Adama Barrow has been wrongly reported.

Ebrima Sankareh told Kerr Fatou the circumstances surrounding the donations were not reported. He did not however deny that the donation was made.

Sankareh said he is going to release a statement later on Sunday.

Barrow has reportedly donated eleven million two hundred and fifty thousand (11, 250, 000) dalasi to 1700 Gambian pilgrims on Monday.

The ‘magnanimous gesture’ as reported by the state broadcaster has ignited controversy among Gambians online.

Barrow is on an annual salary of two million and forty thousand dalasi. However, he has D20 million for donations allocated to his office on the budget.

The Gambian leader has never made such a cash donation in public since coming to power.



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