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Taskforce implicates past BCC admin in corruption


A taskforce that probe the former administration of Banjul City Council has found widespread corruption and inefficient financial administration that caused the Council unnecessary loss of revenue.

The taskforce presented its report to Mayoress Rohey Malick Lowe on Tuesday following a four-month investigation.

According to the report, the past administration was not following Gambia Public Procurement Authority guidelines in procurement and “there was deliberate disregard for procurement processes…”

“The taskforce has identified unjustifiable payment of salaries to non-functioning, non-performing and non-working employees. These include over 40 so-call… cleaners at a non-existing abattoir in Banjul,” stated the report.

The report indicated that payments done from Council’s coffers without supporting documents were worth over D800, 000.

“There is an entrenched practice of payment without authorization and missing vouchers,” the report stated.

In addition to loss of revenue to the Council caused by inefficient administration, the report indicated that the current administration has inherited a total liability of over D8, 000 000 to banks and suppliers.

Meanwhile, the current administration which started the investigation has indicated several measures to correct the wrongs of the past administration.

Mayoress Lowe said they have already saved over D2 million dalasis for the Council by reducing bank accounts from seven to one.

“Arrears left by our predecessors are being paid gradually… Before the end of our tenure, Council will offset all its liabilities,” said Rohey Lowe.

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