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Hamat criticizes Bar Association for opposing Barrow ‘Youth Movement’


The leader of the National Reconciliation Party, Hamat Bah, has criticized the president of the Gambia Bar Association for opposing the formation of the Barrow Youth for National Development.

Bah said he would take legal action against the President of Bar Association, Rachel Mendy, for the statement though he fell short of explaining what laws she may have broken for being opposing to the Youth Movement.

At a ceremony on the opening of the legal year on Sunday in Banjul, Mendy said the Bar is “opposed to the action taken recently to resuscitate the establishment of a youth movement based on a personal agenda”.

“Such action can only result in the perpetuation of disunity among the youth who should now be encouraged to work in harmony in credible social activities,” added Mendy.

But the NRP leader consider that to be a partisan statement from the Bar.

“For the president of the Bar to raise questions about the rights of people who organized themselves in the form of a youth movement, is a matter that concern every good citizen of this country,” said Bah during a press conference at his party bureau at Westfield.

“We want answers if not we will take appropriate measures in the court to seek for redress… If the Bar Association has decided to be part of the other side of the political divide, we want to know.”

Bah said the Bar’s statement has indicated that they are against the very constitution they are supposed to protect by going against the rights of people to form associations.

Bah said his party sees no problems with the President’s forming the Movement, rubbishing the potential implications it could have in encouraging corruption.

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