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APRC calls for resignation of the IEC chairman


The Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, the party of Gambia’s former dictator, has called for the resignation of the country’s Independent Electoral Commission chairman.

The leader of the party, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, said at a press conference on Tuesday that with Alieu Mamor Njai at the head of the electoral body, its integrity will be compromised.

“For the IEC to gain its credibility the IEC chairman must resign. I want to urge President (Adama) Barrow in the name of justice to call on Alieu Mamorr Njai to resigned,” said Jatta.

The APRC leader was furious with statements made by Njai that Jatta is the leader of the party and not Jammeh as they claimed.

The APRC went to congress in December to elect various party positions but following the congress, the party claimed it chose Jammeh as a supreme leader and Jatta as an interim leader, a claim IEC leader denied as false.

“Whenever we are a step forward they come up with something to take us back,” Jatta said, referring to Njai who declared the election victory against the former ruler who later annulled the results, prompting intervention by regional forces.

“The APRC as a party will forever cherish the achievement of President Jammeh. We will never forget him.”

Meanwhile, the APRC leader also criticized the Barrow administration for human rights violations including the killing of Haruna Jatta and “the killings of the three Faraba youths”.


“If they said we have done something bad and they are doing the same thing, then we are better,” said Jatta.


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