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PPP US Chapter Calls For The Resignation of PPP Deputy Leader For His Presence At Ebou Faye’s Endorsement

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Kebba Lamin Nanko, PPP US Chapter

By Buba Gagigo

Kebba Lamin Nanko, a representative of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has called for the resignation or suspension of his Party’s Deputy Leader, Muhammed Ndow, for his presence at their candidate’s endorsement of Ebou Faye last week.

“I am appealing to the Party Leader of the PPP, Hon. Kebba Jallow, and the National President of the PPP, Hon. Duta Kamaso, who doubled as the Chairperson of the National Disciplinary Committee of the PPP, to call for the resignation of Muhammed Ndow as Deputy Party Leader of PPP for his action or the role he played in making our Mayoral Candidate for Banjul to endorsed the NPP candidate without the knowledge of the PPP. Failure of which they should call for an emergency meeting to suspend Muhammed Ndow immediately as per the violation of the PPP constitution,” he said.

Mr. Nanko said the Deputy Party leader’s actions violated article 32.2 which he says states, “A serious offense shall be committed by any member who: Prejudices the integrity or reputation of the Party, its personnel, or its operational capacity by:

1. Impeding the activities of the Party; 

2. Commit an act that undermines the effectiveness of the Party

3. Acting on behalf of or in collaboration with Counter-revolutionary forces such as a political Party other than an or party in alliance with the PPP in a manner contrary to the aims, policies, and objectives of the Party

4. Any person or group that seriously interferes with the work of the Party or prevents it from fulfilling its mission and objectives. 

5. Involve in any form of bribery and corruption in the name of the Party 

6. Undermining the respect for or impeding the functioning of the structures of the Party

“Looking at the nature and seriousness of the alleged violation or offense committed by Muhammed Ndow and in other to protect the integrity and the image of the PPP, the National Central Committee should consider summarily suspending Muhammed Ndow pending the preparation of a charge against him for his removal or impeachment proceeding by the National Executive Committee of the PPP,” Nanko said.

He also accused Muhammed Ndow of being one of many people within the executive of the PPP working for the NPP interest within the PPP. 

“Consequently, impeding the activities of the PPP, for these people are hell-bent on enabling NPP to consume PPP for their personal interest. Furthermore, the Central Committee should investigate any person alleged to be part of facilitating Ebrima Jawo’s endorsement of NPP candidates. Officials found wanting must equally face the full force of the law,” he concluded.

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