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Halifa Sallah Express Dissatisfaction With Electoral System

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Hon. Halifa Sallah Secretary General PDOIS.

By Ramatoulie Jawo

The Secretary-General and Party leader of the  People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism, Honorable Halifa Sallah, on Thursday, expressed his Dissatisfaction with the electoral system in the Gambia.

“We call this press conference to tell you that we are not satisfied with the system. We are committed to its transformation we want to do so without partisan prejudices,

“We called on the whole nation to have a national conversation on how to reform the electoral system so that ultimately the people we put in office will deserve to be there and will do nothing but to use that office to promote our general welfare. Election is power emanating from the people and the people elected should use that power to promote our general welfare,” he said.

Sallah added that the electoral system that we have is fundamentally different from what PDOIS stands for.

“We stand for an ethics base, knowledge base, and rule base democratic system we want to establish an ethics base, knowledge base and rule base democratic foundation,” he said.

He added That was what they sought to do from the very beginning and that is what they are seeking to do and that is what they will seek to do until that prevails in their homeland, the Gambia.

Hon.Sallah said the Local Government Elections are very important as their aim is to involve the people in development through village development committees and ward development committees. 

He said PDOIS is not contesting with any Party in the Gambia.

“We are not coming to you to talk about success and failure PDOIS is not contesting with any political party in this country and our candidates did not contest against any other candidates in this country what we aimed to do is to win the hearts and minds of Gambian people and accept any responsibility bestowed on us to serve them,” he said.

Sallah said that the election is not a contest it is seeking a mandate from the people to serve them. 

“The people have spoken but to our surprise, the vast majority of the people are silent,” Sallah stated..

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