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Lawyer LS Camara Confirms Aisha Fatty Is Back In The Country And Eager To Defend Herself

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Aisha Saja Fatty, Gambian Defending Herself In The Civil Case Against Her Ex Boyfriend Businessman Abdoulaye Thiam

By Buba Gagigo

Lawyer Lamin S. Camara, who represents Aisha Fatty in a civil case against Senegalese businessman Ablie Thiam, said that his client is back in The Gambia and ready to defend herself.

Lawyer Lamin S. Camara maintains that his client, Aisha Fatty, did not flee the jurisdiction, contrary to some press reports.

“Aisha was on bail and reporting to the police periodically. I can tell you I have been involved in this matter for over a year now. At some point in my presence and in the presence of Aisha’s sisters and some other person, she was told not to come to report to the police periodically because she will be called when she is needed. And for over four months Aisha was not out of the jurisdiction or the jurisdiction of the police. 

“Aisha left this country for medical treatment and she is very sure and we the Counsel of Aisha are also very sure that Aisha will come back. Aisha wants to clear her name in the civil case as well as the criminal case and we have the means and ability to do that. As I speak to you I am made to understand that Aisha is back and can tell you that she will appear on the 3rd and we will contest the charges against Aisha in the court of law. I can tell you that Aisha is ready and willing to contest the criminal case against her in a court of law.”

On June 15th, Aisha’s counsel filed an application to set aside the arrest warrant that was issued by the Banjul Magistrate Court against Aisha, who is a defendant in a criminal case. The counsel requested that the motion be either set aside or that the execution of the order be stayed until Aisha returns to the country.

Principal Magistrate M. Krubally stayed the order on the Arrest Warrant of Aisha Fatty pending her voluntary submission.

“This Honourable court hereby stays its order made on the 2nd June 2023 against the Accused herein the Applicant pending her voluntary submission in person on or before the 3rd day of July 2023 as strongly undertaken and guaranteed by her counsel therefrom. 

“The respondent and all the beadles of the court are momentarily ordered to restrain from arresting and executing the arrest warrant of this court from this date up to the 3rd day of July 2023 being the subsequent date of further mention of this case,” the court rules.

The ruling on the application ordered that the bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest will come into force if she fails to show up to the court on July 3rd when the case will be due for further mention.

“If the said Applicant herein the Accused fails to submit herself as undertook and guaranteed by her counsel as one of the conditions that this court granted her application, I order that the bench warrant made against the said Accused on the 2nd day of June 2023 still subsists and shall be so executed,” it ended.

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