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Jalangba Alkalo Advises President Barrow To Adopt Jammeh’s Way of Ruling

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Lamin Mando Jatta, Alkalo of Jalangba Village

By Buba Gagigo

Lamin Mando Jatta, the Alikalo of Jalangba village, has advised President Adama Barrow to adopt former President Yahya Jammeh’s style of leadership.

“The people close to you, from ministers, permanent Secretaries, directors observed very well. Too much of democracy belittles you (the president). There are radio stations in the country insulting you every day. Your supporters are listening, and we cannot do anything, and we said you are our president. Even westerners are not practicing proper democracy. You are not the only African president. There are a lot of African presidents, but what is happening in the Gambia is not happening anywhere. They (other presidents in Africa) don’t allow this to happen,” the Alkalo said in a WhatsApp audio he sent to a forum.

In the same audio, the Alikalo also advised president Adama Barrow to change for what he described as the ‘betterment’ of the country and for the president to have ‘good’ name.

“You should change, president Barrow, for the betterment of the country. Change to have a good name, change for our party to gain more power. I am not telling you to kill people, but as a president sometimes you should eat pepper. You should not be sugar. If you want to be Ustass you can come and lead us at the mosque, but if you want the world, you should wear the hat of the world,” the Alkalo said.

He also urged the president to observe those that are closed to him and sack anyone who is not ready to do politics for him.

“People behind you are not helping you. If people are not taking responsibility, replace them. How can you appoint people, and they don’t want to take blame? Sack them. There’s a reason why Yahya Jammeh ruled for 22 years. During elections, he used to assign every minister to a particular place to do politics for him, but now they say democracy and ministers should be involved in politics. President Barrow is the only one running, you cannot do it alone. Sit and discuss with your cabinet and change the system,” the Alkalo Advises.

On the just concluded local government elections, he said the results of his party are not bad but advised his party to double their efforts.

“A party formed less than three years winning all these seats is not a loss but a win. But we should still double our efforts because we cannot rely on only WhatsApp audios for our campaign. Let’s get to the people and talk to them. Do not label others as enemies because they belong to other political parties. ‘No To Alliance’ and NPP are the same Mother and father, we are the same. No To Alliance are not UDP, and they do not belong to any other Party. The Governor on the West Coast has tried, but what people say and what did is not the same,” he said.

Lamin Mondo Jatta, the Alkalo of Jalanbang village in Kombo Central.

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