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“I Only Push His Phone” Dou Sannoh Denies Slapping GDC Candidate

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Dou Sannoh, Political Adviser to president Adama Barrow

By Buba Gagigo

Dou Sannoh, a political adviser to president Adama Barrow, has denied allegations made by the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) that he slapped their councillor candidate for Julangel Ward, Ebrima Manneh.

“I didn’t witness the fight because I was done before they arrived. I have seen their press release, but their statement is false. I only pushed his phone that he was using to take a video of me, but I am not aware of slapping anyone unless they sent Jinns to slap. No one has beaten me, and I didn’t beat anyone. I don’t know where they got that information from. It is trespass to meet someone in someone’s compound to do unnecessary things. They offended me. After I left the village, I was informed that they chase after the youth in the village. What were they doing in Sare Talata if that village was not on their itinerary? These are mercenaries that were sent after me,” Dou Sannoh told Kerr Fatou.

Furthermore, president Adama Barrow’s Political Adviser said he was not at the village for a campaign mission but instead to meet the Alkalo of the village who he said sent for him;

“I went to Sare Talata because their Alkalo sent their Imam to me saying he wanted to see me. So I went there to see them. I went to the Alkalo’s compound, but when they got the information that I was there, the GDC supporters came over and said I should not be there because it was their turn to be in that village. I told them your candidate asked me about this, but I told him I was not there for a campaign and if I was, I would have brought my candidate. 

“I didn’t go with my candidate, but also campaigns are done in Bantabas and football fields, but I went to someone’s compound who wanted to see me. Why will you follow we there? He (GDC candidate) told me rubbish words and took out his phone to film me, which he had no right to do. According to their itinerary, for the entire day (Thursday) they shouldn’t have entered the village where they met me at. They did not go where their itinerary said they should be. Today is the 6th of April, they shouldn’t be here according to their itinerary, but it seems they just came for Dou Sannoh,” he said.

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