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‘I am not aware of him being an NPP member’  Fabou Sanneh on Seedy Ceesay

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Burama Sanneh -Consul Officer, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

By Buba Gagigo

Burama Sanneh (Fabou), an executive member of the National People’s Party (NPP) until his appointment as consular officer at the Gambia embassy in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has in a recorded audio message said he was not aware that Seedy Ceesay – one of the leading vote getters in Wednesday’s NPP primary for Brikama Area Council Chairmanship, is a member of the party, contending that Ceesay should not be allowed to contest for primaries against party members.

Fabou said he has nothing against Seedy Ceesay and respects his efforts during the struggle to oust Yahya Jammeh.

“People should not go around the country telling party supporters that president Barrow said a particular person is his candidate, especially someone who is not a member of the party. I have no personal problem with Seedy Ceesay because we don’t know each other that much to say we have something between us. We recognized each other, and he once proposed to interview me, but it didn’t materialize. We have respect for each other for the struggle we went through for our country,” Fabou Sanneh said.

Fabou went on to say that no one should question Seedy Ceesay’s efforts in the struggle against Yahya Jammeh, but he’s not aware of Mr. Ceesay being a member of the NPP.

“No one should question his efforts in the struggle against Yahya Jammeh. I know he did, but I am not aware of his membership of the NPP. Therefore, if he is not NPP, he should not be allowed to contest against NPP members. That’s the truth and that was my stance in the past, and it is still my stance,” he said

Fabou Sanneh calls on the National People’s Party (NPP) executive to conduct primaries between NPP members instead.

“Conduct primaries between the NPP members who are interested in the West Coast and let the people choose their candidate. But any member of the executive who is going around the country telling people president Barrow said Seedy Ceesay is his candidate, you are destroying the party because what you are doing is not right and NPP should not accept that because that is not the behaviour of the president,” he said.

Both Seedy Ceesay and Ahmed Gitteh both garnered 30 votes during last Wednesday’s National People’s Party (NPP) primaries.

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