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35 Gambians To Be Deported Today

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Yahya Sonko, a migration activist based in Germany

By Buba Gagigo

Yahya Sonko, a migration activist based in Germany, has confirmed to Kerr Fatou that thirty-five Gambians are expected to be deported from Europe today (Thursday).

“A few days ago, I received many calls from Gambians who were arrested and detained at different deportations centre in Germany. When I received this information as a responsible migration activist in Germany, I went further to reach out to the governments. I reached out to both the German government and the Gambia government to clarify that information, and both the governments confirmed to me that today there will be a deportation. And this time around, the number has been adjusted. Usually past deportations each chattered deportation flight EU deport 25 Gambians but this time around it is 35 Gambians not 25,” he told Kerr Fatou.

He also said he got clear information that more deportations are coming in the coming months;

“I am informed that this will not be the only deportation, there will be more deportations coming in a few months. We know, and it’s very clear to me that every two months the Gambia government would be receiving its citizens from EU probably between 25 and 35 Gambians every 2 months,” he said.

The migration activist also called on the Gambia Government to take their responsibilities when the deportees arrived in the Gambia;

“I am again advising and calling our Gambia government that deportations goes with responsibility. When they accept their citizens to come back to the Gambia, what they should try to do is how to help these deportees with sustainable reintegration packages within their various societies,” he advised.

Earlier today, The Fatu Network quoted one Musa Camara, Director of Diaspora and Migration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who confirmed the deportation. 

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