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GDC reportedly denied permit to hold rally in Jimara and Tumana


The Gambia Democratic Congress has announced it has been denied a permit by the police to hold a rally this month in Jimara.

By law, Gambian politicians who are using a microphone to hold meetings are required to apply for a permit with the police. The permit is at the discretion of the police to grant it.

“The National Chairman of GDC, Dr Demba Sabally has informed us that the Gambia Police Force has denied the GDC a permit to hold a political rally in Kulari village in Tumana Constituency and Sareh Buchi village in Jimara Constituency. The GDC had earlier applied for permit to hold a rallies in Tumana and Jimara on 14th and 15th of December, but the police high command refused,” said GDC’s national youth president MC Cham.

“They said the police will not issue any permit to political parties from December to January to hold any political rally.

“However, since the police took this decision, they have not announced it for the general public to know.

“Also, the police issued permit to the 3 years Jotna movement but denied political parties permit. This is absolutely wrong and is against our rights.”


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