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Three years ‘Jotna’ movement gets permit


A movement calling for the resignation of President Adama Barrow upon completion of his promised 3-year transitional agreement he made with the Coalition 2016 has been given a permit to hold a peaceful procession. The group is holding a procession on December 16.

The spokesperson of the Gambia Government, Ebrima Sankareh, the 3 years “Jotna Movement is guaranteed a peaceful procession on Monday 16th December, 2019”.

“The procession begins from Sting Corner in the suburbs of Jeswang and stops some 200meters before Denton Bridge the main artery into Banjul from the Kombos. At Denton Bridge, Jotna’s representatives are expected to hand deliver a formal protest document to a Government representative,” said Sankareh.

“The document, addressed to The Gambian Head of State, Mr Adama Barrow, details the Movement’s agenda and resentments. The timeline of the procession is from 10:00am to 2:00pm when the crowd is scheduled to disperse.

“Meanwhile, members of the public, the business community and members of the diplomatic and Consular Corps are assured of a very peaceful and orderly procession and should go about their normal businesses. The safety and security of all is paramount and this permit is in recognition of Jotna’s constitutional and democratic right to protest.”

Gambian leader Barrow has come to power on the backing of 7 political parties and 3 independents. He promised to step down after a 3-year transition but changed his mind.

Barrow told a crowd in Banjul few days ago that he will establish his own political party and launch it in 2020. But this group is calling on him to honour the agreement he had with his coalition partners.

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