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Former Niamina East MP Urges NAMs To ‘Better’ Scrutinize 2023 Budget Estimate

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Hon. Omar Ceesay
Former National Assembly Member for Niamina East

By Buba Gagigo

The Former National Assembly Member for Niamina East, Hon. Omar Ceesay has urged National Assembly Members to ‘better’ scrutinize the 2023 budget estimate.

“NAMs should better scrutinize the 2023 budget estimate. The Parliament is the only mandated body to approve or disapprove the national budget as proposed by the government. This means NAMs could approve the budget with amendments where they deemed fit. Therefore, the 2023 budget estimate remains to be a proposed document until such decisions are undertaken by the NAMs,” he said.

He also said considering the ‘devastating nature’ of the country’s educational, agricultural, infrastructural, and health sectors coupled with the unemployment rate and skyrocketing price of basic commodities, there is a need for the NAMs to give greater attention to those areas for the common good.

“But from the look of things, it seems the 2023 budget is proposed to maintain government workers in their offices without the means to carry out their functions in these offices. I am saying this for other NAMs to consider my concerns because my representative (Hon. Dawda Jeng) has never said a word in Parliament,” he concluded.

Hon. Omar Ceesay is the former National Assembly Member for Niamina East Constituency. He was defeated by the NPP’s Hon. Dawda Jeng during the last parliamentary election.

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