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Congress was ‘transparent’: OJ defends integrity of PPP election


The former leader of the party, Omar Jallow, said no one has the power to change a decision made by party delegates at the congress which is their highest decision making body

Omar Amadou Jallow, the former leader of the People’s Progressive Party, has defended the integrity of the party’s congress that elected Papa Njie as “transparent”.

On Tuesday, three executive members of the PPP have issued a press statement rejecting the results of the Sunday congress that gave lead to Papa Njie over Bakary Bunja Darboe.

The PPP held their first elective congress since 1992 where Njie defeated Darboe by a margin of 45 votes, with Darboe getting 227 and Njie 272.

But a letter signed by the Interim National President of the party, Alh. Yahya Ceesay; Dudu Taal, Member of the National Executive Committee and Kalilou Singhateh, Member of the National Executive Committee rejected that vote.

The three party officials said the election was “marred by serious irregularities”, citing issues such as “bribery and intimidation of delegates by withholding transport funds and food, and registration of unqualified constituency delegates”.

But Jallow said such claims do not reflect the realities.

“We did all what is necessary at the Congress and that letter you are talking about I don’t know where it comes from because nobody has consulted me about it and it was not signed. The press were there (at the Congress) from day one. The election process was done transparently. For me my proposal was for us to have lifting of hands… It was BB Darboe who said it should be secret ballot. He has his agents and the other candidate also has his agents,” OJ told Kerr Fatou.  

“We called the independent electoral commission to observe and the process was taken and after the voting it was verified by the agents and the IEC people and it was declared good and successful and the national president Alhagie Yaya Ceesay announced the results… After that BB Darboe made a statement and accepted the results and then the elected Secretary General also made a statement to close the Congress. After that both of them embrace each other. 

“So for me as the former Secretary General, we have a new party leader elected by the Congress and nobody in this world can do anything in the PPP that can change the decision of the Congress. The Congress is the ultimate authority of the party.”

However, the PPP trio against Papa’s leadership have fallen short in explaining tangible steps the party officials are going to take to seek annulling of the results.





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