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‘Gambians should Not Listen To Seedy Njie’ UDP Bundung PRO Responds To Seedy Njie

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Sulayman Dampha, Public Relations officer of the United Democratic Party in Bundung Constituency

By Buba Gagigo

Sulayman Dampha, the Public Relations officer of the United Democratic Party in Bundung Constituency has called on Gambians not to listen to the National People’s Party (NPP)’s Seedy Njie when he said UDP will lose all their seats in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

“Seedy Njie said all UDP chairmen and councilors will lose their seats. That is not true and it will never happen because all of our Mayors, Chairmen, and councilors will win. And the reason is, all of them have done good work since their election five years ago,” Sulayman Dampha told Kerr Fatou.

Seedy Njie also accused the UDP of wanting to bring violence due to the setting up of a commission of inquiry by the government to look into the conduct of local government administrations and violence the NPP Deputy spokesperson said will result in the party losing all their seats;

“He said that’s why UDP will lose the election? The establishment of a commission is not a problem but how many scandals did the government have? The Health Minister said there is corruption in his ministry, also the Ministry of Fisheries, GNPC but they have never talked about this corruption. 

“The Ousainu Darbo he’s attacking is not his mate, even his children are older than him. Gambians should not listen to Seedy Njie because of what he did in this country. Seedy Njie killed a lot of people in 2016, not by Gun or knife but by his statements that made a lot of Gambians run. I just want to tell Gambians not to listen to him because he’s a destroyer,” He concluded.

Sulayman Dampha is the Public Relation officer of the United Democratic Party (UDP) in Bundung Constituency.

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