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Commissioner King Colley: “I Withdraw My Statement”

Lamin King Colley
Commissioner of Police Mobile Traffic

By Buba Gagigo

The Commissioner of Police Mobile Traffic, Lamin King Colley has apologized to the Fula tribe for his remarks against them in a video making the rounds on social media.

In his remarks in the said video, Colley cited family names of the tribe as an example of non-Gambians driving vehicles in the country without following due processes to acquire licence

Following his remarks, many Gambians including the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) leader, Mama Kandeh took to social media, condemned and demanded the senior police officer to withdraw his statement.

Meanwhile, the senior Mobile Traffic officer, in a subsequent audio also making the rounds on WhatsApp apologized to all Gambians, particularly the affected group for his remarks.

He said his tribe (Jolas) and Fulas ‘have a joking relationship, that’s why he used them as an example’. 

“First I want to apologise to all Gambians, particularly the Fulas whom I mentioned. The way things turned out are not how I intended them to be. The Jola tribe can mention Fulas and make jokes about Fulas and the Fulas too can make jokes about Jolas. There are many tribes in Gambia. I will never advocate for conflict against a particular tribe,” officer Colley said. “The Fulas respect and appreciate me. Therefore, I beg you. No one is perfect; sometimes one will say things and think they are okay when they are not. So, I withdraw my statement, apologise and I beg for your forgiveness. No one asked or instructed me to make the comments.

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