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Baxso Says Barrow’s Gov’t Is Not Going The Right Way

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Bakary Jaiteh, Executive Member APRC

By Buba Gagigo

Baxso Jaiteh, a prominent executive member of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) says they might hold back due to the ‘painful’ way in which president Barrow is governing.

“We will never forget the painful way in which president Barrow is governing and if it exceeds this, we might hold our hands. Because we have not seen people employed in his Government doing what they should do so that if people are offended there is justice for them. I have never seen this type of governing in my life,” Baxo Jaiteh said in a WhatsApp audio.

The government of the Gambia issued a press release asking the Kanifing Municipal Council CEO Sainabou Martin Sonko to resume work on Tuesday morning. The APRC man however believes that president Barrow’s government cannot help the lady;

“We have a minister of Justice in this country but the president is losing court cases, the president takes it with good faith. Not even long ago the court ruled that  Talib Ahmed Bensouda and others won their case. The CEO (Sainabou Matin Sonko) was sent home for three years, the court ruled that she should go back to work but she is not still allowed. 

“If I was Sainabou Matin I will not even return to this position, don’t disturb yourself, God will be on your side. But President Barrow and his government cannot help you with that judgment.  It’s very painful for a powerless woman. And the government giving a blind eye to her. You cannot have peace in this government and they cannot give you power,” he said.

Baxso Jaiteh said they have already seen and have already witnessed enough to say the government cannot help KMC CEO to return to work;

“Is very disgraceful. The minister of local government and the minister of Justice said they wrote letters and they cannot still implement. This is a very big insult as far as NPP, APRC, and coalition partners are concerned. If he cannot govern why can’t he return the country to us and we rule our country the way we want to? Dawda Jallow and Ba Tambadou are six and nine. Let’s tell each other the truth or say bye-bye to each other. If it’s going to continue like this, it’s not even reasonable to take insults for anyone. The people governing are spending the money and they don’t take the bad name,” Baxo Jaiteh said.

Baxso Jaiteh is a prominent supporter of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction ( APRC) who supported president Adama Barrow during the last presidential election.

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