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Breaking News: GAP Secretary General Musa Yali Batchilly Endorses President Barrow



Your Excellency, President Barrow, Cabinet members here present, distinguished guests and members or the media please, I stand before you this evening honored by the support and privilege accorded to me by the president of this great nation of The Gambia, to enter into an alliance with the mighty NPP and make way for I and my supporters to join the formidable and unstoppable coalition bus that will see the continuation of extraordinary progress and development of President Barrows administration in this our beloved Gambia.

I, Ayatollah Servant Musa Ousainou Yali Batchilly and my supporters are very cognizant of the unprecedented development that have taken place over the last four incredible years and the full assurance of the prospects of a bright future for the county and people’s of The Gambia.

Today, I and my supporters have come together to show and give unprecedented support to His Excellency President Adama Barrow in his bid to run for reelection as leader of our wonderful country The Gambia.

The Gambia is at a crossroad. No elections in our country’s political history has been this important. We are faced with a hard choice of progress or retrogression, development or stagnation, peace or war and hardship or prosperity. The choice before all of us is clear and I being a person of foresight and character, have identified beyond all measures, that the development and action oriented bus of President Barrow , is the clear choice and I have so chosen.

I am confident that if Gambians give President Barrow another mandate to steer the affairs of their great country, he will again usher in a breath of fresh air to our economy, provide even more opportunities for the youths and ensure that the average Gambian lives a prosperous and dignified life.

Under the dynamic leadership of President Barrow, our sovereignty will be respected. The Gambia will continue to earn the respect and be a source of admiration to other nations and the international community as a whole. I am certain that if President Barrow is given another opportunity to serve, The Gambia will attain never before seen development and new heights of national progress.

The bus is moving at an exponential speed, it takes a man of knowledge and wisdom to control the steering wheel of such a bus and that bus driver is no other than the formidable and inspirational President Adama Barrow.

Our vision is clear. Our objective is the same. Our collective desire is to see a United and prosperous Gambia where Mandinka and Fula, Sarahule and Wollof, Manjago and Serer, Aku and Jola will join hands together with all other ethnic groups to strive towards the common good. For in doing so, we are undoubtedly assured, that the great God of nations, will keep us to The Gambia ever true.


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