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APRC ‘No To Alliance’ Expels Ansu Badjie And Seven Others From Executive Committee

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Yahya Tamba, Leader of APRC ‘No To Alliance’ & Ansu Badjie

By Buba Gagigo 

In a letter dated November 25, 2023, APRC ‘No To Alliance’ announced the expulsion of Hon. Habib Secka, 2nd Deputy Party Leader; Aja Nano Touray, National Women Mobilizer; Prof Ansu Badjie, Publicity Secretary and Director of Media; Landing Badjie, Chief of Security; Modou Gibba Kulo, member of the Media Team; Awa Sanyang, Diaspora Women Mobilizer (Finland); Abdoulie Secka Baye, Deputy Chief of Security; and Oumie Jatta, Deputy Women Mobilizer, from their executive committee.

One of the expulsion letters sent to Ansu Badjie cited violations of the party constitution’s code of conduct and discipline and was issued based on Article 50 (a,b,c,d,b,,k,l) & Article 51 subsection 6 (a,b,c,d,e and f) of the APRC constitution. The party accused them of actions contrary to the party’s working ethics, leading to embarrassment, hatred, ridicule, misunderstanding, and contempt.

“Pursuant to the provisions of Article 50 (a,b,c,d,b,,k,l) & article 51 subsection 6 (a,b,c,d,e and f) of the APRC constitution, you are hereby relieved of your position as a member of the APRC”BABILIMANSA” No To Alliance Movement (NAM) National Executive Committee (NEC) effect from the date of dispatch of this notice. Your actions are in contravention of the provisions of the constitution’s code of conduct and discipline and a failure to adhere to the working ethics of the party, thus resulting to the embarrassment, hatred, ridicule, misunderstanding and contempt of the party.

Badjie and the other expelled members were instructed to surrender all party properties and belongings to the secretariat immediately.

In response, Ansu Badjie stated that the expulsion letters were driven by animosity and resentment towards those committed to working in the best interest of APRC and Babili Mansa. He revealed that their expulsion was triggered by their resistance to the rebranding of APRC and their outspoken support for the November 25th Rally.

Badjie accused a key party figure of orchestrating the expulsions due to personal issues, referencing an incident in December 2022 when they defended the same individual from dismissal.

“The only crime to have triggered such expulsion was our commitment towards the November 25th Rally, Resistance to the Rebranding of the APRC and being bold enough to speak up the truth. An evildoer within leadership of the No To Alliance Executive was exposed of his Nefarious styles, in which we criticized the bloody action, however, our criticism did not go well with the monstrous (admin secretary), who took it as a matter of urgency to quickly draft the expulsion letters for an immediate action, forgetting yesterday when we stood firmly and pleaded for Jammeh not to dismiss them from their responsibilities.

“Babili knowing the attitude of the Black sheep, decided to dismiss him on the last Friday of December 2022 while we pleaded for him to be accepted as the Administrative Secretary of the party (A DOG DOES NOT KNOW THE VALUE OF IT’S TAIL UNTIL IT IS CUT OFF) who set tears at the executive meeting after hearing the audio of a planned dismissal? That man (the Administrative Secretary) wouldn’t mind to build friendship with the Angel of Death and Tells him how to spend it if the party’s money is kept by the Angel of Death,” he responded.

Despite the expulsion, Ansu Badjie affirmed their continued loyalty to former president Yahya Jammeh, declaring themselves as genuine and legitimate party militants. He also hinted at revelations to come, claiming to be aware of a secret meeting aimed at eliminating them, where specific individuals were named.

“Personally, I was always a target by some of them during Executive meetings, and they finally conspired to eliminate us at a secret meeting held within a lodge in Somita. The names mentioned at the secret meeting are: Hon. Habib Secka, Aja Nano Touray, Prof Ansu Badjie and Landing Badjie. Thanks to Allah, we know everyone involved. More Revelations ahead,” Ansu Badjie responded.

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