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NPP Mayoral Candidate for KM Team Responds to the UDP Leader’s Comments on Their Candidate

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Bakary Y Badjie, NPP Mayoral Candidate For KMC

By Fatou Sillah 

The PR Team of the National People’s Party (NPP) candidate for the Kanifing Municipality, Bakary Y. Badjie has issued a press release in response to recent comments made by the leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Ousainou Darboe. 

In the press release, the NPP team condemned Darboe’s comments, which they said were “far too recent to downplay.”

“Your recent brazen attack and comments towards our Mayoral Candidate are far too recent to be downplayed into oblivion in the midst of time. It is obvious that those with frivolous and mischievous minds will find it interesting and amusing. However, those with character and fecundity of thought will not find it difficult to understand that those comments are carefully calculated to deceive The Gambian population.

“While we appreciate the opportunity for dialogue, it is important to address the fallacies and inconsistencies in your statements. You highlight the fact that Mr. Badjie lost the KM Mayoral Elections, implying that this should warrant his resignation,” The statement State 

Team Bakary added that Ousainou Darboe is not the right person to tell Bakary Y. Badjie to resign from his position as the Minister of Youth and Sports 

“A reminder that you are not the right person to make such statements will be apt considering your own track record wherein you have lost six national elections and counting, yet you accepted a ministerial/vice presidential position after that only to be subsequently fired. This does not lend itself to offering any advice on candidates resigning,” The statement said. 

The statement further states that the decision of the UDP’s leader to run for the Sixth time raises questions about his understanding of the will of the Gambian People.

“Furthermore, your decision to run for a sixth time and experience yet another defeat raises questions about your understanding of the will of the people. Gambians have consistently shown, on multiple occasions, that they lack confidence and belief in your leadership abilities if we are to go by your yardstick. 

“It is evident that your repeated attempts to secure electoral victory have been met with rejection, indicating a clear lack of public trust. Your thirst for power should not be quenched by utterances that are below the expectations of a legal practitioner with decades of experience who is expected to practice what he preaches,” Statement Claim. 

Team Baks also state that it is unfair for the UDP leader to criticize their Mayoral candidate 

“It’s unfair for you to criticize Mr. Badjie’s electoral loss implying a lack of confidence in his ability. The people of Kanifing Municipality have spoken through their votes, and their decisions should be respected. Mr. Badjie’s dedication to public service and his willingness to accept a ministerial position demonstrate his commitment to serving his community, regardless of electoral outcomes

“While we recognize the importance of robust political discourse, it is essential to base arguments on facts and fair assessments. Your comments only serve to highlight your own political shortcomings and your apparent inability to accept the will of the people.

“In conclusion, we encourage you to reflect on your own electoral history and focus on constructive engagement that can benefit the Gambian people. We remain committed to serving the public and working towards the betterment of our community,” The statement concludes.


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