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Youth Leaders Urge Colleagues To Unite For Development



Kemo, Binta and Babucarr

By: Landing Ceesay

Bubacarr Baldeh, Chairman of Bakau Newtwon-Fajara Youth Development Association, Binta Janneh-Jallow, lady councillor, and Kemo Bojang, youth councillor have urged the youth of Bakau to unite for the development of the community.

They made the remarks at the first annual congress of Bakau Newtown-Fajara Youth Development Association held at Bakau Newtown Community centre on 10th April 2021.

Bubacarr Baldeh, Chairman of the association said the young people play a very vital role in the development of every society, but that cannot be achieved in the absence of unity among them.

“Young have a very vital role to play in the development of every society. Young people have the energy, creativity and idealism to challenge injustice. Young people should always be at the forefront of global change and innovation. But we can’t achieve all these, if we don’t come together as one and develop our community. Youths of Bakau should come together and help to develop our community,” he said.

Baldeh continued that the youth of the coastal town should not sit and leave everything in the hands of politicians; saying they [young people] can develop their community without the help of politicians, if they come together as one big family.

Binta Janneh-Jallow, lady councillor for Bakau Newtown-Fajara Ward called on the youth in the fishing community to join their political representatives irrespective of their party affiliation for the development of their community.

“You should not say this councillor is from UDP or APRC, I will not join him or her to develop this community (Bakau). No, you should not think like that. We should join hands together and develop Bakau, because it is our community. If we don’t develop it, no one will come and develop it for us,” she said.

The lady councillor advised the youth in the town to end the blame game and organise themselves for the development of the settlement.

“Youths of Bakau must come together, structure themselves for the best interest of the community. The blame game and finger pointing among Bakau youths should stop now and develop the community,” Binta said.

Kemo Bojang, youth councillor at the Kanifing Municipal Council said without unity among the youth in Bakau, they would not be able to do any meaningful development in the community, no matter the plans or the agenda they have in place for the community.

“When I say a sense of belonging- I mean unity, because without unity it will be difficult for us to achieve what we want as youths of Bakau. If we don’t unite, no matter the plans we put in place, no matter the agenda we have in place, we will not do any meaningful development for our community. So, unity is very important especially among the youths because we are the leaders of tomorrow,” Bojang stated.

Meanwhile, Bakau Newtown-Fajara Youth Development Association Is a registered community based association with the desire to mobilise resources through concerted efforts, putting skills development, community services, peacebuilding and unity, amongst others as the bedrock for youth and economic empowerment.


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