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Women Journalists President Warns Against Sexual Harassment in Newsrooms


Women Journalists President Warns Against Sexual Harassment in Newsroom


Mammy Saidykhan

The president of the Women Journalists Association of The Gambia (WOJAG) has decried the biases and discrimination women journalists face in their work places.

Mrs Sarjo Camara also warned against sexual harassment and exploitation of women working in the media.

She added: “Women journalists are faced with job insecurity in the newsroom, lack of adequate skills compared to male counterparts, low prospects and unacceptable levels of vulnerability to male boss.”

Journalist Camara made these remarks today at a five-day training of women journalists on freedom of information. The event was organised by the Gambia Press Union, in collaboration with Women Journalists Association of The Gambia, with funding from the US-based National Endowment Democracy (NED).

Meanwhile, Saikou Jammeh, the GPU Secretary General, also shared Sarjo’s views on the challenges faced by women in the country. He said: “It is therefore important to improve the skills and competences in a way that we will create a mass of women journalists with the qualities and conditions to compete and succeed.”

He urged women journalist to reflect on the violence and abuses they’re faced with and seek to address it collectively. “Women in this country need a voice and the best group of people to give them that voice is women journalists because you know and live their pains. But you must first find your own voice to be able to better amplify the voices of women in the country.”

He assured of the GPU’s support to WOJAG, saying ‘supporting the women association will help to strengthen the union because the union relies on the strength of members and affiliates to be strong.

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