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W/Africa health organisation meet partners in Banjul


As their annual meeting enters its fourth day, the regional health watchdog has met its top partners in Banjul on Thursday.

The West African Health Organization is organizing a ministerial meeting in Banjul on Friday, an event that was preceded by four-day meeting among experts, ministry officials and donour partners.

“We are very excited and very grateful to the partners… This is why even when we have five days to talk about our annual work. We give them a whole day,” director general of WAHO, prof Stanley Okolo, told journalists.

Speaking on the progresses registered by the regional health body, Prof Okolo said West Africa has made significant achievements compared to other regions in the area of healthcare.

“These partners are here to help us coordinate efforts aim at addressing health challenges in the region,” Prof Okolo added.

Among the institutions that were represented at the donour meeting were United Nations, US Aids, the US Center for Disease Control and Netherland.

“We are a region on the move. Remember this is a region that was hit by Ebola and we were able to mobilise resources and we supported tackled the challenge…,” Prof Okolo added.

WAHO summit ends on Friday.

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