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“West Coast Can Produce At Least D600 Million In A Year” – Ahmed Gitteh

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Ahmed Gitteh, Independent candidate for Brikama Area Council Chairmanship election

By Buba Gagigo

Ahmad Gitteh, Independent aspirant for Brikama Area Council Chairperson, said, if elected, he plans to digitized tax collection in the West Coast Region, which can yield at least six hundred million dalasis yearly for the municipality.

“If we have, which we are going to actually, an efficient way of collecting revenue, the West Coast can produce at least D600 million in a year. That is a conservative estimate, because in every property, the rate is point zero four percent. Point Zero four percent When you get a property that is D5 million, and we have 10s of 1000s of properties now In West Coast. If you get that from all the Estates that Taf has built, Brufut heights, Jabang Estate, the ones that Saul Fraser has. We have a lot of money,” Ahmed Gitteh told For The People By The People Show on Sunday.

The Independent candidate says the of West Coast is the Inefficient way of collecting funds;

“The problem we have is, we do not have an efficient way of collecting funds. And we are going to when we get into office digitalize our revenue collection, even the market, we are planning to use mobile money instead of going to the market and sending vendors to go or collectors to go and collect cash from people almost 90% of the people in the markets have telephones, they have mobile phones, either with Gamcell, Africell, Q cell. We are just going to put in place a digital platform that is going to collect money from you in the form of credit,” Ahmed Gitteh said.

Ahmed Gitteh stood as an independent candidate after his party, the National People’s Party (NPP) chose Seedy Ceesay as their candidate for the upcoming Brikama Area Council Chairperson.

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