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We are now in the process of subjecting the IEC to contempt- Mai Fatty

Mai Ahmed Fatty

By Buba Gagigo
The leader of the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) Mai Ahmed Fatty said they are in a process of subjecting the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to contempt proceedings as well as a new civil suit.
Mai Ahmed Fatty made the statement on  Facebook on Tuesday morning.
“GMC fought a just case at the High Court against our unlawful exclusion from the presidential electioneering processes and WON. We are now in the process of subjecting the IEC to contempt proceedings as well as a new civil suit against them. At the time, persistence on enforcing our entrenched constitutional right was prejudged in many quarters. Some labelled us spoilers and I personally was targeted for virulent verbal persecution, my motives demonized and my integrity violently assaulted. All these because we insisted on focusing exclusively on seeking justice in court instead of singing other people’s song. I went through some of the worst personal insults and wildest allegations that only made me tougher.
“Well, today in particular, once more I’d like to salute the gallant, loyal soldiers of GMC and its sympathisers for standing by us in our toughest period. It was a clear revelation as to who was who. During those difficult but lonely days, we entrusted our fate in Allah. We know the Almighty shall never let us down. The Party is poised to emerge stronger, and better organised for the future. Some who left us our hour of critical need due to undue pressure from disloyal members within, or some sort of external pressure, our doors are wide open.
“We know many of you shall eventually return home, and you shall be welcomed with open arms. The difficulty days are behind us, although the case against IEC is being reviewed in the light of several developments. Many of you are already forgiven and we encourage you to please return home,” he said in a statement.

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