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UTG Adopts “No work, No Pay” Policy Following Staff Strike

Professor Faqir Muhammad Anjum
Professor Faqir Muhammad Anjum
Vice Chancellor
University of The Gambia



he University Governing Council has informed that the institute has adopted a “no work, no pay” policy for staff on a sit-down strike.


“The UTG adopts a “No work, No Pay” policy with immediate effect; any member of staff who fails to report for duty on sit-down strike will not be paid salary and other allowances for the period of absence,” the Council informed in a statement.


The statement further informed that the Council hassent the University Vice Chancellor on leave andderecognized the staff association.


“The Vice Chancellor shall proceed on home leave starting on Thursday 16th September, 2021 prior to the end of his tenure on September 30, 2021 (i.e. two weeks from date). If there is a leave arrear, it would be monetized and the Vice Chancellor paid accordingly. In the same vein, the Vice Chancellor shall handover to the most senior officer who has been deputizing for him.


“With effect from Wednesday 15th September, 2021, UTGFSA is derecognized as the body representing all categories of staff,” it said.


Other decisions taken by the Council at the Tuesday meeting as followed:


“An injunction be filed in the High Court restraining the UTGFSA and/or any member of its Executive from purporting to represent a staff association.


“With immediate effect, Management should arrange for the formation of three staff associations for Academic, Administrative and Ancillary staff respectively in line with the provisions in Section 41(1) & (2) of the Tertiary and Higher Education Act 2016.


“Management shall not grant permission for the registration of any association which has any member of the current Executive of UTGFSA as an elected official.


“The Attorney General and Minister of Justice through the Minister of Higher Education Research, Science and Technology be requested to promulgate Regulations for the Tertiary and Higher Education Act 2016, that give university students protection from the effects of industrial action by any category of staff association,” statement mentioned.


The Council made the series of decisions at an Extraordinary Meeting on Tuesday in exercise of its oversight responsibility, amid the strike by the staff.


The statement added that the Governing Council assure all students that their welfare is of paramount importance, and all necessary steps would be taken to safeguard their interest; while urging them to be calmed and display maturity as the Council works together to put a final end to the periodic “threats” to normal academic life.


The Council finally drew the attention of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice and the Minister of the Interior to happenings at the UTG for legal and security cover.


The council has alleged that the current Executive of the UTGFSA is “illegal” because they [the staff Executive] has overstayed its term and changed the UTGFSA 2016 Constitution in January 2021 to give themselves a second two-year term; a move the Council believed “is totally against the values of the University”.


The Governing Council comprises a Chairperson and selected members who support the activities of the University through the management.

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