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Barrow Says NPP-APRC Alliance Is In “Supreme Interest of Reconciliation”

President Adama Barrow


By Landing Ceesay

President Adama Barrow said the NPP-APRC alliance is in the “supreme interest” of reconciliation in the Gambia.  

“The Alliance between NPP and APRC is in the supreme interest of reconciliation in this country. It is in the interest of National Security. It will bring peace to this country. So APRC, you are welcome and we have joined your experience, PPP’s experience and NPP’s experience to take this country forward. I am telling the people of APRC that I am not the only one who was happy about our coalition.

“The whole country is happy about it; our coalition with APRC is history in the whole world. The first ruling party in this country is the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), the second ruling party in the Gambia is the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), the third ruling party in The Gambia is the National People’s Party (NPP), President Barrow’s party. So, if the first republic, the second republic and the third republic come together, that is peace for the Gambia. That never happened anywhere in the world, but only in the Gambia,” President Barrow stated.

President Barrow made these remarks in Farafenni on Tuesday during the ongoing meet the people tour.

The tour, which is endorsed by Section 222 [15] of the 1997 Constitution began on 13th September and is scheduled to end on 30th September.  

During the meeting, the President is expected to hold 20 meetings across the country and visit project sites.

However, Sheriff Kejera, Chairman for the victims centre said President Barrow’s statement is meant to consolidate his “greed” for power not reconciliation.

 “It is to further consolidate his greed for power to self-perpetuate himself in power. I think this is not in the supreme interest of the Gambia but rather it is in the supreme interest of Adama Barrow, to further consolidate the self-perpetuating rule. It is quite disappointing. It is a betrayal of the trust and confidence that the Gambian people have in him. So this is contrary to what he is alluding to,” he said.

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