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CoPG Plans Street Protests in November If Draft Constitution Isn’t Reintroduced In Parliament

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Celestine Kujabi, Secretary General of the Coalition of Progressive Gambians

By Buba Gagigo

The Coalition of Progressive Gambians (CoPG) has issued a stern warning, declaring their intent to lead nationwide protests in November 2024 if the Draft Constitution isn’t promptly reintroduced to parliament.

“Following the announcement by President Adama Barrow at the beginning of this year to bring back the 2020 Draft Constitution, we, the Coalition of Progressive Gambians, have recently engaged the Ministry of Justice on the same concern and emphasized the urgent demand for the government to bring back the 2020 Draft Constitution in its original form. 

“This implies that the entrenched clauses provided in the constitution must not be amended or changed in any way. It must be noted that these entrenched clauses provide for the realization of the independent function of the institutions that qualify good governance and those entrusted with the responsibilities of executing the functions of those institutions as defined by law,” CoPG said. Additionally, the Coalition of Progressive Gambians conveyed their readiness to employ all lawful means to advocate for the passage of the 2020 Draft Constitution for a referendum.

“The office of the IGP must not allow to be fiddled with an outdated Public Order Act, a scarecrow, and be used against its own people. 

“Moreover, the office needs to be reminded that intimidation, suppression, and violations of the rights of people will never go unaccounted and unpunished. We therefore announce that come November, if the 2020 Draft Constitution is not brought back and a referendum is scheduled, we, the CoPG will mobilize Gambians on a nationwide protest with or without a permit and will not engage in any dialogue to postpone or cancel the protest,” they said.

Furthermore, CoPG invited Gambians, political parties, civil society organizations, and various unions including teachers, students, and drivers to stand in solidarity with them in their pursuit of establishing the 2020 Draft Constitution, essential for fostering credible governance and securing a prosperous future.

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