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Police Investigator Testifies On Discovery Of British Woman’s Body In Her Septic Tank

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The late Shakina Chinedu

By Landing Ceesay 

Amadou Badjie, a Police officer hailing from the Serious Crime division of Tujereng Police Station, provided further details to the court during his ongoing testimony. He stated that the body of Shakina Chinedu, a British Lady, was found in her septic tank.

Augustine Bangura is facing charges of murder and theft under sections 187 and 252 of the Criminal Code Revised Laws of the Gambia 2009.

According to the Prosecution, on February 14, 2024, in Sinchang Village, West Coast Region of the Gambia, Augustine Bangura allegedly caused the death of Shakina Chinedu by striking her with a hammer at the back of her neck, resulting in her demise, thus committing a criminal act.

Furthermore, it is alleged by the Prosecution that on the same date and at the same location, Augustine Bangura unlawfully appropriated items belonging to Shakina Chinedu, including D80,000.00, 2 laptops, a tablet, flash drives, keys, a Canon camera, bank, and correspondence cards, from her bag and apartment, thereby committing another offense.

At the previous adjourned session, Mr. Badjie stated under oath that he received a report regarding the disappearance of Shakina Chinedu.

He informed the court that he personally conducted an initial search of Shakina Chinedu’s premises, but was unable to locate her.

“On the 15th of February, I was on duty at Tujereng Police Station at 18:00 hours. We received a complaint from one British lady that her friend Shakina (deceased) was missing. They were trying to call her phones, but all her phones were off. Then the matter was booked in the station diary and I further asked them whether they may suspect where the deceased would be at the time. 

“They told me that the deceased has an office in Brusubi, and where they suspected she would be or at her compound in a village called Madina Alhaji Gaye. So I left the charge office with them to the said property. Upon our arrival, all the gates to the compound were locked up. Then I went to the neighbors and borrowed a ladder that I used and jumped inside the compound. I found the deceased private vehicle parked beside the garage and all the doors of the vehicle were locked,” the Police Investigator told the court. 

On Monday, Mr Badjie explained how the body of Shakina Chinedu was later found the following day. 

“On 16th of February 2024, whilst I was at the station at Tujereng, the complainant came with one Omar Colley, and they requested for us to go back and make more searches for the deceased. So I told them that the station van was out, and we had to wait. During that, they left on their own to the property. About 20 minutes later, they came back to the station again claiming that they saw a septic tank inside the compound, and they believed that something was buried inside that septic tank.  

“So I joined the vehicle and upon our arrival, I instructed Omar to use a ladder and jump through the main gate. I gave him a hammer so that he could break all the 3 keys to the gate so that we could have access to the property. Upon my entrance into the compound behind the garage, we saw marks of dragging, and we followed those marks up to the septic tank. I used the ladder to go down the septic tank. I tried to remove some sand down there, and I saw the legs of the deceased (Shakina Chinedu),” the Police Investigator told the court. 

The Police Investigator then recounted the moment he emerged from the septic tank and contacted both the Fire Service and Medical Health Officials. Mr. Badjie added that he also summoned the Police Crime Records Coordinator officer to the location.

He recounted how, upon the Fire Service and Medical Personnel’s arrival, they retrieved Shakina Chinedu’s body from the septic tank. Once the body was removed, they carefully laid it on the ground.

“The deceased (Shakina Chinedu) was putting on ties and sports shoes. She was having Rasta on her head. She also sustained a wound on her forehead. From there, the body was moved to the mortuary. That was what happened,” Mr. Badjie testified.

The Police Investigator told the court that the dragged marks started from the back gate of Shakina Chinedu’s garage.

“Besides the dragged marks, where are there any marks visible on the ground?” Counsel A. Gibba asked the witness. 

“Yes, at the septic tank, part of the sand that was removed was used to bury the deceased (Shakina Chinedu). When we saw the marks on the sand, we concluded that something was buried inside,” the Police Investigator told the court. 

“What is the name of the C.R.O (Criminal Records Officer) officer who was at the scene?” Counsel A. Gibba asked the witness. 

“Sergeant Lamin Manneh,” the witness told the court. 

“Who identified the body of Shakina Chinedu?” Counsel A. Gibba asked. 

“The complainant and one Omar Colley,” the witness responded. 

“Aside from the wound on her forehead, what other wound was visible?” Counsel A. Gibba asked the witness again. 

“She (Shakina Chinedu) was biting her tongue,” the witness said. 

The case was adjourned to the 21st of May for cross-examination. 

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