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KMC Is Under Siege This Morning -Mayor Bensouda

PIU Officers at KMC Premises



The Kanifing Municipality
Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda has reported in a statement that his council is under siege on the directive of the ‘Executive Branch’ to forcefully install the suspended CEO.

Below is the statement

“KMC is under siege this morning! The PIU who are good partners to the council have communicated that they are under directive from the Executive Branch to install the CEO in her office who has been put on leave via council resolution after confessing to her crimes …  this attempt is to install the CEO by the use of force therefore Usurping the decision of the council!

“This is a new low in our country and demonstrates why councils cannot function and how The Minister of local government continues to undermine council’s autonomy. Sections of the law allow for dispute resolution between local and central government however, this demonstration of brute force is an example of a dysfunctional society where rule of law doesn’t prevail.

“Today for the first time in history, I saw national police shove and push against Municipal Police. A great shame orchestrated by the Executive … we have called an emergency general council this morning however we will continue to exercise our powers which are directly drawn from the mandate of the people.

“I call on the President of the republic who is head of the executive Branch to withdraw the police from council grounds and respect the decision of the council!

“I will continue to keep all updated as the matter unravels. I urge all residents of KM to continue to keep calm as the council tries to resolve the situation amicably,” the statement concluded.

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