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UDP urges Pres. Barrow to honour 3-year promise


After three days of internal discussion within their executive, the United Democratic Party has urged President Adama Barrow to resign after 3 years as entailed in the Coalition 2016 agreement.

President Barrow came to power on the backing of seven political parties and 3 independent candidates. Among his pledges was to serve a transitional 3-year term and resign. However, the Gambian leader has changed his mind and wants to complete his term.  

His former United Democratic Party has been quite on the issue for over 2 years now. The party leader Ousainu Darboe has previously defended the President to go for 5 years. However, Darboe said that was his personal view and not that of his party.

On Wednesday, the UDP issued a statement urging their former party member to honour his promise to the people and resign after 3 years.

Darboe said Barrow would engage in deceit if he failed to honour his promise to the electorates. He said his promise to the electorates formed the basis why they voted for him.

‘3 years Jotna’

Since Barrow showed intentions to ignore the 3-year agreement, there emerged a movement calling itself “3 years Jotna”.

The basis of this movement was to ensure Barrow keep his promises regarding the 3 years.

However, Darboe said they are not supporting “3 years Jotna”. Members of the pro-3 years movement are calling for mass protest in December, 2019.

The UDP leader said their position is different from that of 3 years Jotna.

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