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UDP to Decide on Participation in National Dialogue On Sunday

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Almamy Fanding Taal, UDP Spokesperson

By Buba Gagigo 

The United Democratic Party (UDP) will hold an executive committee meeting next Sunday to determine whether they will join the National Dialogue with President Adama Barrow and other political parties, according to their spokesperson Almami Fanding Taal.

Taal expressed the party’s inclination towards dialogue as a constructive approach to national matters. He emphasized the significance of open and transparent discussions, highlighting the ongoing discourse initiated since August or September following the Mayoral elections.

“We have received the invitation and it will be discussed and responded to. We think dialogue is the way to go, and this thing has been going on since August, and September after the Mayoral elections. We had the administrative secretary of NPP, he came and said it in the papers and the media houses carried it, and we are always open to dialogue. I think Dialogue is always very important where important National issues could finally be discussed in an open and transparent manner,” he said.

Asserting the importance of respecting diverse viewpoints within a democracy, Taal emphasized the necessity for mutual understanding and dialogue in addressing national issues.

“That is always to be preferred by any patriotic political organization because if you have a dialogue means that you respect each other’s opinions, you respect the fact that in a democracy you can have more than one perspective. We are having an executive committee meeting on Sunday and after the meeting, a decision will be made in a democratic way.”

The impending National Dialogue, scheduled for Monday, February 12th at State House, will see President Adama Barrow engage with leaders of various political parties.

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