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TRRC: Soldier implicated in cousin’s murder denies culpability


A former bodyguard to Edward Singhatey told the Commission on Wednesday that, as opposed to what had been said about him by witnesses, he never committed murder. Cadet Sillah, one of the six soldiers killed in Nyambai Forest is Fatty’s cousin. Several witnesses said the former bodyguard to Edward Singhatey participated in the killing.


Major Lamin Fatty

Major Lamin Fatty, a soldier named by several witnesses to have participated in the killing of soldiers on November 11, 1994, has denied culpability.

Several witnesses said Fatty was one of those who shot and killed six soldiers in Nyambai Forest.

November 11 was a day when close to two dozen Gambian soldiers were taken to various locations by the military leaders and their bodyguards to be executed.

The soldiers were accused of planning a coup that was never executed. Aware of it, the Junta leaders mobilized forces and attacked Fajara and Yundum barracks captured and executed the officers.

However, Fatty who is now the second in command in Yundum Barracks, country largest military encampment, admitted participating in torture.

According to a former chief of staff of former self-style revolutionary Yahya Jammeh, Demba Njie, the order came from Jammeh to kill the “ring leaders”.

The orders were executed by Sanna Sabally who was the vice chairman of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council.

Present at the execution were Council Members Yankuba Touray, Sadibu Hydara, Peter Singhatey and Edward Singhatey.

But Fatty, the 46th witness before the Truth Commission, said on Wednesday that he had not participated in the killings.

Fatty admits to torture

Meanwhile, Major Fatty has admitted to participating in two tortures meted at people he claimed to have closer relationship with.

He admitted participating in tortures of an army medic Momodou Njie at Fajara Barracks and also former corporal Alagie Kebbeh. He arrested and forced Alagie Kebbeh into a trunk on allegations that he was part of November 11.

Kebbeh told the Commission on Tuesday that he was in the trunk of a vehicle for five hours but Fatty said it took only 20 minutes.

However, he denied putting Abdoulie Trawally in a trunk. Trawally told the Commission in a written statement that he was arrested by Peter Singhatey and soldiers and put in a trunk. Fatty was among those soldiers but he denied putting him into the trunk.

Fatty also denied torturing officers like Ebrima Chongan, RSM Jeng and Mamat Cham, among others, though Jeng said he saw him at Mile 2.

He also distanced himself from the death of Koro Ceesay. He however said he was with Edward and others when they visited the house of Koro Ceesay following his death and angry crowd booed them, calling them “killers”.

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