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#TRRC: Sanna admits to humiliating senior policemen post 1994 coup

Sanna Sabally before the Truth Commission

A senior member of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council, Sanna Sabally who is implicated in several executions, appeared to tell his version of the story on Wednesday.

Sanna Sabally before the Truth Commission

Sanna Sabally has admitted to arresting and humiliating senior officers of the Gambia Police Force for reportedly staging a counter-coup after the July 22 military takeover.

Sabally said he has found the senior officers in the office of Ebrima Chongan after receiving a tip from an unnamed female police officer while he was at State House.

He drove to the police headquarters, hit Chongan’s door and rush in and found them in a discussion. He ordered them to leave, arrested them and took them to Mile 2.

Chongan was the commander of the Tactical Support Group of the Gambia Police Force and Deputy Inspector General. HE once told the Commission that they were put in the back of a vehicle, humiliated on the streets as they were taken to Mile 2.

“They should not have been humiliated that way… It was a situation which warranted those actions,” Sanna said, as he apologized for his actions.

Meanwhile, Sabally has earlier told the Commission that their coup was precipitated by the presence of Nigerians in the country. He also narrated other factors including corruption by senior Government officials.

The Gambian army at the time was being commanded by Nigerians and Sanna said they did not like that.

He however, rejected any assertion that Americans, Nigerians and Saikou Sabally had any role in the coup.

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