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UDP NBR PRO Says Barrow Won’t Fulfill Tour Promises

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Karamo Njie 
United Democratic Party’s (UDP) North Bank Region Public Relations Officer

By Buba Gagigo

The United Democratic Party’s (UDP) North Bank Region (NBR) Public Relations Officer (PRO), Karamo Njie has said President Barrow would never fulfill the promises he made at his meetings in Barra and Ndungu Kebbeh.

“He is telling us to work? People were working, but there was no fertilizer because it was expensive. They (Government) were selling it at D2500. Why didn’t they tell him they were affected by that? This is a political tour (Meet The People Tour). President Barrow has failed and the people of Upper and Lower Niumi should know that they (the government) are just fooling them. He will never fulfill his promises because he did the same when I was with him in the 2017 tour.

“He said he reduced the price of cooking oil to D1600, but people of Ndungu Kebbeh should ask themselves whether that’s the price in Ndungu Kebbeh. Why can’t the people of Upper and Lower Niumi feel the pain and know what they want?” Karamo Njie responds.

Mr Njie also said that some of the appeals made by some of the people in upper and lower Niumi.

“”Imams in the Gambia really stood for the country. They are called when someone dies, ceremonies and a lot of things. Their pay is from God. But President Barrow cannot do it for them. Looking at the amount of suffering in this country, our economy cannot handle paying imams in the Gambia,” he said.

At President Adama Barrow’s Ndungu Kebbeh meeting on Monday, the Imam of Ndungu Kebbeh appealed to him to buy their groundnut at a good price, but Mr Njie believes President Barrow will never fulfill the promise.

“The Ndungu Kebbeh Imam appealed to the President for the government to buy groundnut at a good price. I went with the President in 2017 ‘Meet The People Tour’; but he failed to implement all the promises he made to date. Why will they even appeal for things he will never do? They are appealing to President Barrow to help them with electricity and hospitals, even the hospitals in the capital have no medicine. The people of Upper Niumi know very well that President Barrow cannot govern this country,” he argued.

President Adama Barrow is currently on a ‘Meet The People Tour’ that began on 21st November and is scheduled to end on 11th December 2022. 

Section 222 (15) of the 1997 Constitution empowers the President to undertake a nation-wide tour at least twice a year in order to familiarise himself with current conditions and the effects of government policies.

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