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“To Win In the Bush Has No Value” -Ebrima Ceesay Challenges NPP Adversaries To A Fight At Buffer Zone.

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Ebrima Ceesay, former Secretary to cabinet in the Gambia 

By Buba Gagigo

A WhatsApp audio that has gone viral, features Ebrima Ceesay, the Gambian Ambassador to Russia and former Secretary to cabinet. He downplayed the political significance of his party’s victory in the rural areas of the country. He also challenged his opponents to a showdown at the buffer zone in Talinding.

The ex-Secretary to the cabinet said these things in an NPP WhatsApp group to show his disappointment with his party’s defeat in West Coast Region and Kanifing Municipal Council.

“We have all failed, from the day we met at Mai’s house to today. This group is useless, and we should all be ashamed. We all act like we are important. What do we gain from this? They said Ebrima Ceesay has no supporters, Alkali Conteh has no supporters, and Lang Conteh has no supporters. If you have supporters, go and win. We are ready to break up and disband the group. It is all nonsense and shameful. You can share the audio anywhere because the group does not matter. It is irrelevant.

“We all feel ashamed because we have nothing in KMC and West Coast. Winning in the bush (rural areas) is useless. The people are here (in KMC and West Coast), we are all educated and know this. Losing KMC and the West Coast means losing everything. We have failed and if anyone dares to speak up, I will not keep quiet either. I will call out your name, even if we all have to face the principal. I am in the Gambia, and I am not afraid of anyone, and I am willing to challenge anyone to a duel at the buffer zone. Let’s confront each other openly. We all know that if the party collapses, we will go to jail. How can we be so hypocritical? ” Ebrima Ceesay said.

He declared that some of the National People’s Party adherents thought that they were serving President Barrow, and warned them of the consequences if the UDP prevailed.

“If Ousainu wins and comes for us, no one would help us. You would be in one place, Ebrima Ceesay in another place and President Barrow in another place (in jail) and we would all stare like a beggar in a pot of food. I am in Serekunda and if you have a problem with what I am saying, come and face me. We can take off our shirts and meet at the Buffer Zone and fight. I am not a regular civil servant.

“If Ousainu Darbo became president, I would be in prison. He said that to Fatou Ceesay, my younger sister. Maimuna Ceesay heard him too, she was sitting at President Barrow’s table. Alkali Conteh and Siaka Jatta were witnesses as well. I won’t let anyone intimidate me, I know all your secrets and I will expose them if you threaten me. You are hypocrites who took money from Barrow during the elections and then betrayed him. Give him back his money and apologize. Stop calling him Peaceful Barrow while you undermine him. Go for Hajj and repent for your sins.” he said.

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