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Speaker Jatta Raises Concern Over Rising Use of Illicit Drug “Kush”

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Honorable Fabakary T Jatta, Speaker Of The Gambia National Assembly

By Ramatoulie Jawo


The Speaker of the Gambia’s National Assembly, Hon. Fabakary T. Jatta, expressed alarm on Monday over the increasing use of an illicit drug called Kush.

Speaking during the First ordinary session of the 2024 legislative year, he emphasized the urgent need to address this pressing issue.

Jatta underscored the gravity of the situation, noting a surge in social delinquency manifested through various crimes such as armed robberies, gang violence, rape, and even cases of missing children. He particularly highlighted the alarming trend of Kush abuse and its detrimental effects on future generations.

“We are at a crossroad the recent proliferation and escalation of social delinquency surrounding a wide range of actions from Arm and gang robberies, rape, murder missing children and to the use of specific illicit drug called Kush is alarming considering the severe impact on our coming generations,” he said.Recognizing the complexity of the problem, Speaker Jatta advocated for a comprehensive approach involving interventions at multiple levels, including individual, familial, communal, and societal. He stressed the importance of prevention strategies encompassing early childhood interventions, family counseling, educational programs, mentoring initiatives, community outreach, and religious values, alongside rehabilitative measures within the criminal justice system.

“It is important to recognize that social delinquency is a complex issue with no simple solutions, but with proactive efforts and support systems in place it’s possible to mitigate its impact and help individuals lead fulfilling and productive lives,” he told the NAMs. 

Furthermore, Speaker Jatta extended gratitude to His Excellency President Adama Barrow and the government for convening a national dialogue aimed at preserving the nation, safeguarding the state, and securing resources. This inclusive dialogue involved leaders from different political parties, representatives, and stakeholders, focusing on formulating strategies, policies, and actions to ensure long-term stability, security, and prosperity for the nation.

He concluded by commending all participants for their contributions to the dialogue, emphasizing the significance of collective action and collaboration in addressing pressing challenges and fostering a resilient and prosperous future for all citizens.

“It was an opportunity for collective action and collaboration aimed at addressing pressing challenges and building a more resilient and prosperous future for all citizens. I want to thank each and every individual that participated in the dialogue,” he said 

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